Live bird images, birds in motion

I am now experimenting with the animated images of birds ("live" images showing the birds in motion). This is something between a static photo and video. I found out already that it requires quite a lot of manual work and fine tuning, but when done well such "live" image can provide a much better impression of a bird than just a static photograph. Let me know what you think to peter.ertl[at]

Haubentaucher, Great Crested Grebe
Seidenreiher, Little Egret
Wasserralle, Water Rail
Teichhuhn, Common Moorhen
Sandregenpfeifer, Common Ringed Plover
Flussuferläufer, Common Sandpiper
Rotmilan, Red Kite
Eisvogel, Common Kingfisher
Bienenfresser, European Bee-eater
Amsel, Common Blackbird
Orpheusspötter, Melodious Warbler
Orpheusspötter, Melodious Warbler
Blaumeise, Blue Tit
Neuntöter, Red-backed Shrike

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