JSME atom highlight

Atom highlighted by mouse over:
Atom colors:

Atom background color

There are 6 predefined pastel colors available: numbered 1 to 6. The color specification is character string containing a comma separated list of atom number and color index.
Example: 1,2 : color atom #1 with color # 2
Example: 1,2,10,4 : color atom #1 with color # 2 and color atom #10 with color #4

Bond background color

API not implemented yet.


Note: All atom and molecule indices start at 1.

public void setAtomToHighLight(int molIndex, int atomIndex)
The hightlight is temporary.

public void setNotifyAtomHighLightChangeJSfunction(String notifyAtomHighLightJSfunction)
Receive a notification when JSME detects a mouse over one atom. The argument is the name of a JavaScript function that receives two arguments: the molecule index and the atom index.
To cancel, set the argument to null.

public void setAtomBackgroundColors(int molIndex, String atomAndColorCSV)
atomAndColorCSV must be an integer between 0 and 6. 0 means no background color.

public void resetAtomColors(int molIndex)