Adding additional functionality to JME by JavaScript

Capabilities of JME may be enhanced by adding relatively simple JavaScript code to the page containing JME.

Substituent menu

This option allows fast and convenient creation of common organic substituents. Check the JavaScript code in this page to see how the substituent menu should be implemented.

Molecule persistency

Several users asked for a "persistent molecule" in the JME Editor. That means that when they visit another page and then come back, the JME should remember the molecule recently edited. It is relatively easy to implement this feature. It requires just to add two JavaScript functions to the page (saveJMECookie and read JMECookie), as shown in the source of this page. Additionally, respective event handlers must be added into the page BODY tag.
Whenever the HTML page with the editor is abandoned, the actual molecule is stored into a so called "cookie" (a small piece of persistent information associated with this particular web page) and when the page is revisited (even after several weeks), the molecule is automatically restored.

You have to enable Java in your browser.
JME Editor courtesy of Peter Ertl, Novartis JME help