JSME atom highlight

Atom highlighted by mouse over:
Bond highlighted by mouse over:
Atom colors:
Bond colors:
Palette colors:

Atom background color

There are 6 predefined pastel colors available: numbered 1 to 6. The color specification is character string containing a comma separated list of atom number and color index.
Example: 1,2 : color atom #1 with color # 2
Example: 1,2,10,4 : color atom #1 with color # 2 and color atom #10 with color #4
If the first argument, the molecule index is set to 0, then the provided atom indices are matched to the molecules contained in the editor as a single ensemble. If an atom has more than one color, then the colors are averaged. In the example above, atom #1 has mixed color.

Bond background color

See atom background coloring. The results are the same.


Note: All atom and molecule indices start at 1.

public void setAtomToHighLight(int molIndex, int atomIndex)
The hightlight is temporary.

public void setCallBack(String callbackName, JavaScriptObject callbackFunction)
Generic call back. The callback function is a JavaScript function that receives an instance of JSMEevent. See {@link #getAlldefinedCallBackNames()} for all predefined callback names. @param callbackName @param callbackFunction.

public void setAtomBackgroundColors(int molIndex, String atomAndColorCSV)
atomAndColorCSV must be an integer between 0 and 6. 0 means no background color. molIndex can be 0.

public void resetAtomColors(int molIndex)